The treatment of lymphedema is the main purpose of Eretta Medical Practice.

Eretta Medical Practice deals with general surgery and the treatment of Limphedema.  Its aim is to meticulously  monitor all the patients affected by limphedema and lipedema to ensure a better quality of life, although, at the present time, there are no therapies leading to complete recovery. However the joint use of  rehabilitative therapies, surgery and microsurgery gives a concrete help to patients.

Each patient is a case of their own, each limphedema and lipedema have their peculiarities and must be dealt with in a specific, targeted way.

Eretta Medical Practice aims to treat patients affected by limphedema to upper and lower limbs, no matter the stage, by the use of specific rehabilitative and complementary techniques.

Our logo wishes to represent the freedom from the burden of  diseases (limphedema and lipedema), which can be improved.

– Manual Compression Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder tecnique)
-Sequential Pneumatic Compression
-Custom-made Elastic Compression Garments
-Multi-layer Compression Bandaging (or wrapping)
-Lymphatic Taping
-LPG Endermologie